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Issachar Ministries is the action arm of the charity ‘C and M Ministries’ supporting initiatives by Clifford and Monica Hill in particular. The trust has enabled them to give freely of their time and abilities in the founding and establishing of a number of Christian ministries over the years. They were the driving force behind, and part of, the group of Christian ministries who bought Moggerhanger Park for £1 as a base for Christian ministry and raised the first £500,000 for its restoration. 

They led the Centre for Contemporary Ministry (one of the founding ministries) together until they handed it over to others at the end of 2010 although they continued to support Park Farm until the purchase was completed in 2011. Issachar and its predecessor (PWM/Prophecy Today) were the main drivers in establishing Moggerhanger Park as a Ministry Centre and forming its principles in 1994. In 1997 the Ministries set up the Moggerhanger House Preservation Trust (MHPT) to carry out the restoration and then return the house to the Ministries. 

Although Issachar Ministries continues to have its headquarters there, it is now no longer involved in the running of the house. It looks forward to the time when the restoration will be completed and Moggerhanger Park can once again become a Christian Centre.


Dr. Clifford Hill MA BD PhD

Mrs Monica Hill

Clifford and Monica Hill.

Staff and Trustees

Trustees: David and Ingrid Coombes,
Alan Hamilton, Dr Robert Hearing (treasurer), John Matthews (chair), David Strickland-Eales.

Directors: Rev Dr Clifford Hill; Mrs Monica Hill

Administration: Jackie Warren, Financial Administration: Richard Holland.

Staff and Support

Clifford and Monica Hill began their ministry in pastoral charge of churches in London, exercising ministry in Harlesden West London, Tottenham North London, Newham East London and Lambeth South London. They moved into national ministry when they accepted an invitation from the Evangelical Alliance to become Joint Directors of Evangelism and Church Growth. From this Clifford developed an independent ministry, Prophetic Word Ministries and Monica became a founder and the Executive Director of the British Church Growth Association both of which became independent charities.  These charities united to form the Centre for Contemporary Ministry as an outreach educational ministry and between them they formed a number of other charities which now stand in their own right – always initially supported by the independent ministry C and M Ministries. 

C & M Ministries Trust was officially formed as an independent charity in 1993, although it had been operating as a ministry under the umbrella of Prophetic Word Ministries (PWM) trust since the early 1980s.

The major function of the ministry for a number of years since 1984 was  the organisation and support of the overseas ministry of Clifford and Monica Hill beginning with a visit to Israel in March 1984 when they were accompanied by the Revd Julian and Margaret Ward. This was in preparation for the 1986 Carmel and Jerusalem international gatherings seeking 'the word of God for our times' that foretold many events that are now part of world history such as the collapse of the Soviet Union. Many recordings from these historic meetings are available in the C & M Trust's resources.

Financial Support
Very rarely have Clifford or Monica taken even an honorarium for the work they have done – whether it has been with the Video Enquiry, Prophecy Today, Prophetic Word Ministries Trust, Pardes, Harvest Vision, Moggerhanger House Preservation Trust, Centre for Contemporary Ministry, the Family Matters Institute, the British Church Growth Association, Christian Workplace Forum or any of the various other ministries they have served since the inception of this ministry as their support group. But the Trust each time has covered their expenses if these were not available from the ministries they were serving. 

Additionally the Trust has supported Clifford and Monica in their ministry needs providing them with the basic resources and support to do whatever the Lord calls them to do and taking them wherever he leads them. The Trust cares for the office in their home as well as the desk space with a number of other ministries at Moggerhanger. Clifford and Monica are accountable in their ministry to the trustees who also oversee the financial affairs of the Trust and ensure that all monies are spent in accordance with the Trust's aims and objectives.

Special projects in the past have been to provide and take books and spectacles to Nigeria; and to support an Indonesian Mission Fund to provide for orphaned children from Christian families whose parents were killed by Muslims in Ambon, Indonesia and other areas of sectarian strife; to sponsor a 'House Opening Fund' to cover the costs of essential furnishings at Moggerhanger House; to support a new CEO for the Centre for Contemporary Ministry; and to help purchase Park Farm.

C & M Ministries Trust not only supports the ministry of Clifford and Monica Hill but has also given active financial support to the other resident ministries based at Moggerhanger Park as well as grants to other ministries and charitable causes. The published Annual Reports from 1993 onwards are available in pdf format.

Other Developments
A major strand for C&M Ministries has been with the books written by both Clifford and Monica and more latterly the State of the Nation Update messages which Clifford produces every two months.

In August 2007 the Trust organised a celebration of Clifford and Monica's Golden Wedding with an exhibition illustrating their 50 years of joint ministry (souvenir booklet available as a pdf).  Over 300 supporters attended the day at Moggerhanger Park which included an out-door service of thanksgiving on the lawn.  This event was used to launch an Endowment Fund for the support of ministry at Moggerhanger.  Particular emphasis was placed upon urging support for this fund through legacies which are exempt from inheritance tax and help to ensure the long-term future of the Moggerhanger ministry.

Staff and Support
C and M Ministries and its ministry arm ‘Issachar Ministries’ now has just one member of staff - Jackie Warren in the office.  Jackie looks after the administration with a number of volunteers who help on various aspects of the work. She is supported by Richard Holland who acts as our financial administrator on a half day a week appointment.

The Trustees are very active with John Matthews, the chairman, overseeing the web pages, Rob Hearing acting as treasurer and also chairing Pardes Meetings and Ingrid Coombes being actively involved in the parliamentary work and co-ordinating the Prayer Network.



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