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Storms over Britain - Who is to Blame? (February)Storms
The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games 2012 in London broadcast to the world a demonic incantation calling upon the spirits of the underworld to flood Britain. See the Article and comment via the Blog.

Storms over Britain - What is God Saying? (February)
Britain's coasts were battered by unprecedented storms over the Christmas and New Year period. See the Article and comment via the Blog.

Abolishing Evil (February)
It's funny how language changes even in a single lifetime! See the Article.

The Quest for Freedom (February)Egypt
The 'Arab Spring' began with the most basic human desire - the longing for freedom - but nowhere has it produced the kind of Utopia for which the people longed. Article.

Outlook for 2014 (January)
"Watchman, what is left of the night? Morning is coming, but also the night".
The answer was that it is still night but the dawn will come.

See the Article and comment via the Blog.


The Value of Whistleblowers (October 2013)
Are whistleblowers good for society? Or are they a menace?
Whistleblowers have been much in the news recently and opinion is divided

See the Article and comment via the Blog.

Judgement in Westminster (September 2013)West
No more war! This was the verdict of the House of Commons when they were recalled to consider the situation in Syria in response to the Prime Minister's call for a military response against Syria following a suspected chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of Damascus on 21 August, in which hundreds of people are reported to have died.

See the Article and comment via the Blog.

Signs of Hope (December 2013)
As the year 2013 draws to an end.. Clifford Hill writes as a Watchman on the walls. See this Comments Paper.

The Foundations are Crumbling (November 2013)
The disintegration of Christian civilisation in the Western world is gaining momentum exponentially. See this Comments Paper.

Understanding Israel (September 2013)
There are some things you cannot perceive by logic or human deduction. See Understanding Israel.

Living in Babylon (August and October 2013)
A series of Comments Papers on Living in Babylon, Life in Babylon and Living Victoriously in Babylon.

Margaret Thatcher (May 2013)

"Millions of words have been written about Margaret Thatcher since her death but few commentators have recognised the significance of her Nonconformist Christianity."

See the Article and comment via the Blog.

Saving the Church (April 2013)

“If Christianity in the Western nations is to survive the onslaught of secular humanism in the coming decades of this century there has to be a rediscovery of its essential mission under the Lordship of Jesus in the body of believers.” Comments Paper.

Prophetic Insight – Discerning the Hand of God  (March 2013)
Paper sent out with March 2013 Prayer at Issachar e-mail to prayer groups.
‘Will we recognise the mess we have created and cry out to God for help before disaster encompasses us?  At the moment repentance is still an option.”

Destroying the Family (February 2013)
It is as though some invisible force is driving our nation to destruction. Like lemmings heading for the cliff edge we are being carried, whether we like it or not, into an abyss of social destruction. We have a Prime Minister who is beyond reason on a central issue.. See the latest Comments Paper from Clifford Hill.

The Vine (January 2013)
This biblical meditation on John 15 went out with the January 2013 Issachar news e-mailing.


The Loss of Innocence (December 2012)
This article by Clifford in the Heart of Sussex publication is related at a conference held in the House of Commons on the ‘Sexualisation of Children’.

A New Season: A New Message
The Comments Paper from Clifford Hill: “look beyond the great shaking to see how God intends working out his purposes through a fresh move of creative power”.

Re-Defining Morality - Child Sex Scandals
What has happened to our nation? The revelations of child sex scandals coming out of Rochdale in Lancaster and Rotherham South Yorkshire are almost beyond belief. Read Clifford Hill's October 2012 Issachar Comments Paper.

Unpacking Hebrews 12
The latest Issachar Comments Paper, August 2012. A Prophetic Scripture with relevance for our times. Expounding biblical concepts on the world scene today.




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