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Prophetic Workshop - October 2014
The workshop was held at the High Leigh Conference Centre on 'What is God saying Today'. At the Workshop a Summary Statement was agreed and this is being circulated.

Stolen Childhood Conference
- April 2014

A conference by the Combined Working Parties of the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group. See Link and Parliamentary Work.

Biblical and Hebraic Study
One of the major emphases of Issachar Ministries is that of Biblical and Hebraic Study and Teaching which is reflected in the resources we have available.

Pardes - Hebraic Teaching Days

Pardes Teaching Days, was one of the main ministries of the Pardes branch of PWM from the mid 1980s (see history) and took its name from its initial location (Pardes is the Hebraic word for The Park – a planting of the Lord rather than a planting of man).

When PWM closed down Pardes relocated to the South of England with Dave Hilsley, the then Director. Teaching days were reopened at Moggerhanger Park at the request of the current leaders and local people and have been held there on the 3rd Saturday in most months since 2010 (see current programme).
Resources available from all eras of Pardes history are listed in our catalogue. Much of the earlier teaching material has been converted from cassette to CD or is available in hard copy form and there are plans to develop more of the resources in the days ahead. There are also links with groups with similar interests.

In the past, tours of Israel and other Biblical sites have been undertaken. It is planned to  link with other ministries in speaking engagements around the UK and currently there is research being undertaken in Israel into how we can practically support the growing number of new Russian Jewish believers who are accepting Jesus as their Messiah.

Details and programme.

Parliamentary Work

Issachar Ministries works with all levels of leadership. Clifford Hill has been working with Members of Parliament for many years. In the early 1980s he carried out some research for a number of Parliamentarians on the effect of Video Violence on children which was a key factor in the formation of Prophetic Word Ministries.    Research carried out into Teenage Pregnancy led to the formation of the Family Matters Institute (FMI) as well as into the formation of the all party Parliamentary group on Family and Child Protection with its initial chairs Jill Knight and Lord Nugent. FMI Research Reports.

When Gerald Howarth was given a cabinet position, Jim Dobbin and Fiona Bruce took over as chairs of this group in 2010 and a number of new active working parties were formed from the involvement of a growing number of individuals and groups looking at current issues of concern affecting Family and Child Protection. They are cooperating with other Parliamentary groups on shared interest issues. During 2012 a major conference, organised by the sexualisation of children working party, was held in Parliament and work on the protection of freedom of conscience and Christian family values by the Legal group. Other highlighted issues during the year were the Same Sex Marriage Bill and its Impact on families. During 2013 more working parties have been formed looking at the teaching of SRE in schools, the effect of internet porn on children and the problems for teenagers and knife crime etc. A new chair will be appointed in July 2013 as Jim Dobbin’s role is drawing him more into Europe.

State of the Nation

The state of our nation has always been of great concern to Clifford. During the 1980s and 1990s he wrote many books using prophetic and biblical insights on the current scene, as well as recording many radio and television programmes.  Life Newspapers also both came and went in this period.  Since August 1999 he has produced bi-monthly update messages which have been used by prayer groups far and wide. He has also produced a series of comments papers on events of the day, some of which have a Blog. In addition he now makes a regular contribution to Heart of Sussex Newspapers.

Discerning the Purposes of God

This ministry has been exploring the purposes of God in shaking all the institutions in many nations at this time in world history. They have been particularly focussing on what God is saying to Christians in the UK – as a nation, as individuals, as Christians and as the Church.


Prayer Groups are growing all over the country who have been helping in this study with links and interaction which from February 2013 is being coordinated by Ingrid Coombes ( from the office in a Resourcing for Prayer Network.
There is a growing resource of papers and teaching material geared to help equip leaders and small groups to live in the challenging times that lie ahead. Consultations and the possibility of wider gatherings are planned as well as regional study events and conversational meetings. Further papers and strategic events and activities will be linked to this section of the website.

Legacy of Slavery

After many years of working among ethnic minority groups throughout the nation, Clifford and Monica studied the links of Moggerhanger with William Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect and also became very involved in the national movement to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in 2007. They were instrumental in converting a replica slave ship which they called the Zong and which was moored at Tower Pier for two weeks around Easter 2007.  They are still involved in recent plans to make this a permanent memorial in London.

At the same time they developed their leadership development teaching to encourage newer ethnic churches. 

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