Message for Today

The Message for Today is selected from one of the volumes of Today with Isaiah - a popular series of studies by Clifford Hill bringing fresh light on the relevance of Isaiah's message for today.

"The book of Isaiah is, by any standard, a treasure trove of spiritual riches. In the Hebrew Bible it is given the foremost place in the section known as The Latter Prophets."

"There is great consistency in Isaiah's message, which was set against the background of international politics and dominated by the constant threat from Assyria. Throughout his long ministry, Isaiah stood firmly against immorality, injustice, oppression and idolatry."

"In order to understand the message, it is necessary to know the background, the culture and the idioms of the day in which the word of God was conveyed to the people. When these are unravelled, the spiritual gems are revealed."

"In Today with Isaiah, Dr Hill uses sensitivity and scholarship to open up the background to the text of Isaiah and to provide a fresh spiritual message day by day."



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