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Prophetic Hubs
See the note from Peter Carruthers about the prophetic meetings and help with establishing Prophetic Hubs.

Movement for Justice and Reconciliation (MJR)
This came out of the action for change and the work on the legacy of Slavery. The ministry already has an exciting programme and will be launched on 23 September in London. More details on the MJR website.

London Prayer Day launches Prophecy Today (April)
See the Report.

Winds of Change are Blowing
(April). Revolutionary winds of change are beginning to blow across Europe. See the Comments Paper.

Build Houses (March). Why is all this rush to build more houses? See the Comments Paper.

Outlook for 2015 (January). See the Comments Paper.


Christmas Harvest (December). See the Comments Paper.

Prophecy Today (December)
Bringing the unchanging word of God to a changing world. A digital publication coming soon. See the flyer.

Westminster Bubble to Burst
The UKIP victory in Rochester has sent a tsunami on its way to Westminster…
See the article by Clifford Hill in the Heart of Sussex newspaper.

That They May Know........’ (November)
The phrase "That they may know that I am the Lord" occurs frequently in the Book of Ezekiel. See the Comments Paper by Clifford Hill.

Call to Prayer (October). See the Comments Paper.

Scottish Referendum (October)
As Scotland has voted to stay British…Is it Judgement Day Reprieve? See the article by Clifford Hill in the Heart of Sussex newspaper.

Judgement Day for Britain (September)
"A spirit of deception is sweeping across Scotland that threatens to bring disaster, not only upon the people of Scotland, but upon the whole United Kingdom". See the Article.

Exposing Evil (September)
"Turning on the Spotlight. In the past decade we have seen God turn on the light to expose corruption in the financial sector, among banks and international finance institutions.." See the Article.

Arabs, Jews and Britain (August)
"Come, they say, let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more." No! This was not a statement issued by Hamas last month when they began launching thousands of rockets randomly across the border from Gaza to terrorise the towns and villages of Israel. See the Article.

Britain's Multi-cultural Mess (July)

"Among the fighters in Syria and Iraq some 500 young men are said to be from Britain, many of them born and educated here." See the Article.


Water Supply for Indian Village (June)
Pastor Prasangi thanks Issachar Ministries for the donation.
"Greetings to you all in Jesus loving name! Thanking you for becoming water for our villagers. The villagers are truly blessed today and their hope has come into exist by only your generous help." The photo shows the church and orphans praying as the bore hole is drilled. More Photos 1 2 3.

The Shaking of Europe (June)
Cliff writes "The shock waves of the political earthquake rumbled right across Europe with far 'Right' parties and far 'Left' parties both doing well in the polls."
See the Article.

The Coming Storm (May)
Cliff writes "In my quiet times I have been hearing, "Put the trumpet to your lips!" and I have to respond." See the Article.

Jerusalem or Babylon (April)
Cliff says that "my study of Babylon and what happened to the Jews in exile in the 5th century BC after the fall of Jerusalem has really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I did not fully understand before". Read the article in 'Heart of Sussex'.

Free at Last? Launch date: 10th April 2014
Cliff’s latest book on the Tottenham Riots and the Legacy of Slavery is breaking new ground in analysing the root of the disturbances that will have long-term implications for future policy in our inner city areas. Read more.

Comment and Papers
These have now been updated - See Comments and Papers.

Regular Communications
Prayer letters from this ministry are sent out at six monthly intervals – in June and December each year. If you would like to receive this, sent twice yearly by post, please submit your name and address by email. See the News Archive.



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