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It's Not Cricket (July 2013)
Older readers, even those who are not really into sport, will remember the phrase "It's not cricket!" It meant, "It's not right" or "It's not fair".

See the Article and comment via the Blog.

Opening the Eyes of the Blind (July 2013)
"There are those who are blind and know it, and there are those who claim to see and are blind. This is the situation in Britain today in both the church and the nation. We have had the word of God for centuries - it has been clearly revealed to us, so we cannot say that we have not heard the truth. Yet we have deliberately turned away from the truth, despising our Judeo /Christian heritage, selling our birthright for a mess of secular/humanist pottage."

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Enough is Enough - Recycling the Saints! (June 2013)
Is Retirement a Blessing or a Curse?
"I've known so many men and women, looking forward to retirement; they suddenly stop work, and within a year they are dead. Recent research shows that retirement is bad for us. This is especially true of those who have carried a lot of responsibility in their job and have thrown all their energies into their work and then suddenly stop. The shock to their system, both emotionally and physically can be lethal." See the Article and comment via the Blog.

The UKIP Earthquake (May 2013)

A Plague on All Your Houses
"This was the verdict of the people in the Council Elections of 2nd May 2013. Politicians have said a lot about "Broken Britain" but none of them ever take responsibility for having broken the nation. Despite centuries of Parliamentary democracy the political machinery of government in this country is far removed from 'government of the people by the people'. It is dominated by a professional political elite who listen to no one outside the Westminster bubble."
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The 12.12.12 Day of Prayer
Individuals, Churches and Prayer Groups across the nation marked the 12th December 2012 as a Day of Prayer with two main items for prayer: the state of our nation; and Israel and the Middle East.

The day coincided with the Government’s announcement of its intention to legislate for the legalisation of same-sex marriage. The United Nations had granted observer status to Palestine causing tension between Israel, Hamas and the PLO and the situation in Syria and Egypt was daily becoming even more serious.  Prayer for the peace of Jerusalem for 2013 is in the centre of all this. At this time, Advent takes on a new significance.

See 'A Call to Alignment' and 'Wearying the Lord'.

The Hillsborough DisasterLeppings lane terrace, 15 April 1989

A Divine Warning was ignored - 96 lives could have been saved if the warning had been heeded. Two years before the April 1989 disaster, God sent a warning to the Hillsborough Stadium organisers. I was driving through the Sheffield morning rush hour traffic.

Issachar Comments Paper
Discerning the Purposes of God - Summer 2012. Why the Shaking? This paper went out with the Summer Issachar mailing to encourage prayer partners to discover for themselves the reasons for the way our nation is being shaken at this time.

The Jehoshaphat Mission - Summary Paper
The strategy of the Project is to create links between local Christian groups and provide the means whereby their voice can be heard in Parliament to stem the tide that is sweeping away the Judeo/Christian foundations of the nation. This is similar to that used by Wilberforce and his friends in the transformation of society in the late 18th Century and early 19th Century.

House of Lords Meeting
A meeting was held in the House of Lords to consider theHP social and spiritual implications of the current financial crisis.  It was co-chaired by Baroness Caroline Cox and Lord Anderson of Swansea and attended by 80 active Christians drawn from all denominations, in positions of leadership in church and society. Press Release to Christian Leaders.

Special News - Prophecy Today is back!!
The Centre for Contemporary Ministry is entering a new phase - the media phase. Tim Vince has set up a studio with Carl Mapletoft now producing a series of high quality DVD recordings. One of the earliest is that of Prophecy Today when Clifford Hill will be discussing prophecy and prophetic events in the light of today's ever-changing world. More information.

The State of the Nation
Update from the Facilitation Group - March 09.
Follow-up from the February day of Prayer and Repentance.
An Urgent Call to Prayer - For more information and updates.

Seeking the Lord for Such a Time as This
A day of prayer and prophetic proclamation was held on 4th October 2008 at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster with 90 leaders and intercessors attending. Presentation by Clifford Hill. Summary statement. Audio recordings on CD of the 3 main talks are available - please contact the office for more information.

Interview at the ExCeL Night of Prayer
This link shows a short video of Clifford Hill as he was interviewed by Danny Stupple at the prayer meeting in London with some 40,000 attending. (This link is to an external web site - C&M Ministries take no responsibility for the content of external web sites).

Wilberforce 200th Anniversary Commemorations
During March 2007 the replica slave ship 'the Zong' arrived in London.
It was open to the public for ten days - details.
Clifford Hill explains the links with Moggerhanger video (5Mb wmf) and reflects on the Legacy of Slavery.



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