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Always on the Move by Webb, Peter
Catalogue: AOTM - Price £1.35, Sale Price £1.00

Six sessions examining the way in which biblical characters, like Abraham and Paul, have faced questions about their faith. The studies also look at our response to God's challenges, as individuals, in the church and in the world. 24pp; 1992
Faith in the Family by Durston, David et al
Catalogue: FITF - Price £1.95, Sale Price £1.00

How do our children see our Christian faith, and how can we as parents or teachers, work out our faith with them? An eight session course designed to help groups tackle some of these issues and to share their faith with their children. Topics covered include 'praying with our children', 'anger and conflict' and 'learning to live together'.

From Carmel to Jerusalem edited by Clifford Hill
Catalogue: FCTJ - Price £2.50, Sale Price £1.00

A first-hand account of the significant gathering of prophets on
Mount Carmel in 1986 with the effect the messages given there
have had upon individuals, churches and nations. 38 pp; 1998

Get Away by Reichter, Arlo & Others
Catalogue: GA - Price £4.95, Sale Price £1.00

Practical guidelines and programmes for youth weekends away. The first section is a comprehensive guide to the more practical considerations, while the second section comprises of 10 bible-based weekend programmes by various authors. 151pp; 1991
God at the End of the Century by Spriggs, David
Catalogue: GEC - Price £5.99, Sale Price £1.00

This book shows how to make everyday experiences part of a
conversation with God. In the supermarket, on the assembly line, or seeing rubbish in the gutter, can become times of meeting with God.
186 pp; 1996
Growing Through Grief by Durston, David et al
Catalogue: GTG - Price £1.95, Sale Price £1.00

A series of six sessions designed to help groups share their feelings about loss and deal with issues such as 'Why does God allow suffering' and 'How to say goodbye'. 60pp; 1991
Growth Through Worship by Dunstan, Alan
Catalogue: GTW - Price £5.99, Sale Price £1.00

This book encourages a re-look at routine practices and shows how
an imaginative approach to worship is vital to the missionary strategy of the local church. 78pp; 1996
How to Choose Your Bible Wisely (2nd ed) by Duthie, Alan S
Catalogue: HCYBW - Price £9.99, Sale Price £1.00

A user-friendly and comprehensive introduction to the world of
Bible translations - the versions not to be missed to those to avoid altogether! 244pp; 1995
Just Growing by Allan, John
Catalogue: RAB - Price £7.99, Sale Price £1.00

Five practical sessions looking at the 'evidence' for Christianity and then encouraging group members to think for themselves and make their own decisions on the gospel and its message. 42pp; 1996
Just Looking (2nd ed) by Allan, John
Catalogue: JL - Price £7.99, Sale Price £1.00

Six sessions to help new believers gain a firm foundation of the Christian faith and to develop a Christian lifestyle. Sessions include 'How can you be sure your faith is real?' 'How to use the Bible ' and 'What happens when you pray?' 42pp; 1994
Just Starting by Allan, John
Catalogue: JS - Price £7.99, Sale Price £1.00

Six sessions to help young Christians grow in their faith. Sessions include 'Can you be a Christian on your own?' 'How can Christians cope with temptation?' and 'Sharing your faith with others'.
44pp; 1995
Living with the Story by Mayo, Sheila (ed)
Catalogue: LWTS - Price £5.99, Sale Price £1.00

A book of ideas to encourage studying the Bible in new ways, through the use of drama, story-telling, contemplation and role play. A good resource book for those planning retreats, conferences or youth weekends. 88pp; 1994
Making Contact by Marshall, Rob
Catalogue: MC - Price £5.95, Sale Price £1.00

This book challenges us to think again about the way we share our faith, and offers new ways of making mission more effective by using the resources of the media. Areas covered include the way churches make contact with each other and those outside, and ideas for the church newsletter or writing to the local newspaper. 85pp; 1993



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