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OT Characters - David by Holdsworth, John
Catalogue: OTD - Price £1.95, Sale Price £1.00

Six studies on the life of David, including the fight with Goliath, his relationship with Saul, kingship of Judah, the capture of Jerusalem, Bathsheba and old age. 30pp; 1992
OT Characters - Moses by Holdsworth, John
Catalogue: OTM - Price £1.95, Sale Price £1.00

Six studies looking at Moses the leader; from the baby amongst the reeds, to the escape from Egypt and the time in the wilderness.
130pp; 1992
OT Characters - Samuel by Holdsworth, John
Catalogue: OTS - Price £1.95, Sale Price £1.00

Six aspects of Samuel's life including his birth and childhood serving in the temple and his role as a prophet, judge and king maker.
30pp; 1992
Picture It by Clowney, Paul
Catalogue: PI - Price £4.95, Sale Price £1.00

This book contains ideas to discover how God can make use of the latent artistic gifts of Christians within the church. It gives illustrated ideas for projects and covers a wide variety of artistic media and how they can be used for effective communication. 117pp; 1987
Stepping Aside by Brindley, Davidrrp
Catalogue: SA - Price £5.95, Sale Price £1.00

This is a very practical guide to planning and organising retreats and conferences. The book includes new ideas for worship, books and other materials for possible use, and plans and outlines for a variety of retreats and conferences. 126pp; 1993
Story, Song and Law by Brindley, David
Catalogue: SSAL - Price £5.99, Sale Price £1.00

Increasing numbers of people - both lay and ordained - are being asked to preach and interpret the scripture in the context of worship. This book looks at the stages of preparing and delivering a sermon and can be used both by individuals and those working in groups, with appropriate practical exercises. 116pp; 1996
Touching the Far Corners by Iles, Paul
Catalogue: TFC - Price £4.99, Sale Price £1.00

This resource book shows how spiritual growth can open up new avenues for mission, particularly by widening our vision of God, our experience of the world and our relationships with each other. Each section focuses on a pair of people (one biblical, one contemporary) and provides background material as well as resources for study and reflection. 121pp; 1996
Using the Bible in Evangelism (revised) by Tidball, Derek
Catalogue: UBE - Price £4.99, Sale Price £1.00

This book encourages Christians to think more creatively about the
way the Bible is used in different modes of communicating the
message of the Bible in both biblical days and in today’s society.
110pp; 1993
Ultimate Choices by Mortimore, Paul
Catalogue: UC - Price £1.60, Sale Price £1.00

Six studies on the Parables of Jesus, looking at the part parables can play in informing our decisions. Each study includes the Bible text which is used as a focus for discussion and prayer. 24pp; 1993



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