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Office Move
Completed in September to 5 Shannon Court, Sandy. Office telephone: 01767 223270.

Issachar Ministries derives its name from the tribe of Issachar who “understood the times and knew what Israel should do” (1 Chronicles 12.32).

The five main areas of current Ministry are:

State of the Nation
Observations and comments on the ever changing scene of the nation and its spiritual heritage plus Bi-monthly Update Messages are produced and circulated looking at topical issues from a Biblical perspective.

Discerning the Purposes of God and Prayer
Issachar Ministries actively promotes and participates in consultations with other ministries and local prayer groups in examining social trends and world events in relationship to the Scriptures. The objective is to understand the times and then to inform, equip and mobilise Prayer Partners, and networks of prayer groups to stand in the days ahead. There is now a dedicated Resourcing Prayer mailing going out monthly to Prayer groups.

Parliamentary Work
Issachar Ministries has convened the Parliamentary Group on Family and Child Protection for many years. This provides research, outcomes and empirical data on family related issues to Members of Parliament.

Biblical and Hebraic Studies
This longstanding interest is now mainly through monthly meetings with speakers exploring new insights in the study of the Gospels and the Christian faith from a Hebraic perspective with resources.

Books and Resources Provision
C and M Ministries authors, publishes and distributes a large collection of books, CDs and DVDs which are available both to the general public and to Prayer Partners. It is starting to move into the sphere of electronic publishing.

Overview of the Ministry structure and activities.

C&M Ministries is the official name of the charity. Since its formation in the 1980s the Ministry has been supported by its Prayer Partners.

The Prophecy Today UK
web site is now live exactly 30 years after its first print publication.

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